Reviewing the differences between WinDirStat and WizTree

WizTree is a file and directory size analyzer. It’s a command-line utility tool, which is deliberately not user-friendly. WinDirStat Downloads is an open source, graphical disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for various versions of Microsoft Windows.

Thus, WinDirStat is way better than WizTree because its easy to use interface and it provides more accurate data as compare to wiztree – they both are good in their respective fields.

One of the main features of WinDirStat is that it can report the number of file fragments. This is a very useful feature for anyone with large numbers of files and directories.

WizTree is a very good program, but it does not have as many features as WinDirStat, especially when it comes to viewing data in graphical form.

It would be impossible for me to recommend one program over the other because they both have some great strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on what you are looking for in a file management tool.

WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool whereas WizTree is a disk usage utility that recursively searches the file system for specified files and lists them. Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The differences between WinDirStat and WizTree are as follows:

  1. Windirstat has easy to use interface as compare to wiztree.
  2. Windirstat automatically locates large files in sore directories that are consuming most of your hard drive space.
  3. WinDirStat supports basic filtering options.
  4. WinDirStat does not provide recursive search which makes it easier to use than wiztree.
  5. WizTree can be used for any file system which is not supported by windiwstat but it does not support basic filtering options like Wind.


Objective trying out well-knownshows WinDirStat to be a lot quicker than WizTree in phrases of disk area evaluation overall performance and consumer interface responsiveness.

In a check surroundings making use of a local solid-state drive containing 1,551,271 documents and 308,966 folders, WizTree completed its record machine evaluation in only beneathneath three half of mins. WinDirStat completes its evaluation of the identical goal in 26 seconds.

Next, we analyzed a mechanical difficult power containing 1,654,846 documents and 22,976 folders. The effects have been quite similar, with WizTree appearing the evaluation in only over 3 1\/2 minutes and WinDirStat completing in only under 15 seconds.

The overall performance disparity become even extra vast while studying remote (community) record systems. Analyzing a community proportion containing 278,024 documents and 64,271 folders took WizTree simply over 9 mins. WinDirStat finished the identical evaluation in 33 seconds.

The WizTree consumer interface have become unresponsive regularly all through our tests, mainly while showing evaluation effects.


As a commercial product, WinDirStat has many greater capabilities than WizTree. This is in all likelihood unsurprising on the grounds that WinDirStat has been present process non-stop improvement on the grounds that 2003. For this reason, we’re going to handiest contact in this subject matter briefly.

Features exclusive to WinDirStat include:

  1. Email integration for report delivery
  2. Built-in file and folder metadata search
  3. An advanced command-line interface
  4. Largest, oldest, and newest file reports
  5. Temporary and duplicate file reports
  6. File type, attribute, and owner reports
  7. File owner, size, name, age, and depth reports
  8. Various themes, including dark mode

Detailed WinDirStat Reports

  1. A effective, interactive column-primarily based totally element document view gives deep insights into how disk area is allocated.
  2. View the length (and length on disk) of all folders and documents because the report device evaluation progresses.
  3. Dozens of to be had element columns, consisting of effective calculated date/time values.
  4. Full drag and drop guide for transferring and copying report device items among locations.
  5. “Super tooltips” provide prolonged records while you hover over a report or folder name.
  6. Powerful, feature-rich right-click on context menu that consists of Explorer operations.
  7. Printing and print preview, multi-column sorting, and lots more!

WinDirStat Graphs, Charts, Visualizations

Visualize the distribution of files and folders across your file systems.

  1. Bar Graph – Scrollable, sorted view of files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.
  2. Pie Graph – Fixed view of the top files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.
  3. Folder Map (Treemap) – Hierarchical view of files & folders by size, file count, or folder count.

File Reports : Oldest, Largest, and Much More

Quickly generate report-primarily based totally reviews throughout more than one neighborhood and community report device branches at once.

  1. Largest Files – See which documents are eating the maximum disk space.
  2. Oldest Files – Find old, unused documents which can be taking over treasured disk space.
  3. Newest Files – See the most up-to-date documents and who is been developing them.
  4. Temporary Files – Find brief documents the use of bendy report call sample matching.
  5. Duplicate Files – Identify and manipulate space-eating duplicates.
  6. File Types – See which report sorts (via way of means of extension) are eating the maximum space.
  7. File Type Groups – High-degree report sorts document with absolutely customizable groups.
  8. File Attributes – Shows the distribution of documents via way of means of attributes (e.g. read-only, hidden, etc.).
  9. File Owners – Find out which precise customers are the use of the maximum disk space.
  10. File Sizes – Shows the distribution of documents via way of means of size.
  11. File Names – Shows the distribution of documents via way of means of call length.
  12. File Dates – Shows the distribution of documents via way of means of age.
  13. File Depths – Shows the distribution of documents via way of means of folder depth.

Disk Space Reports with Trend Analysis

Powerful reporting for local and network volumes with built-in trend analysis.

  1. View disk-level overall, used, and loose area for neighborhood and community volumes.
  2. Automatically tracks loose, used, and overall disk area over time.
  3. Accessible through the integrated scheduler and command line interface.


WinDirStat is significantly extra correct than different record device evaluation gear because of its deep expertise of NTFS record device structures.

And with the aid of using accuracy, we are in particular regarding the software program product’s cappotential to supply effects that mirror the real record device state.
The screenshots below provide a real-international instance of ways the accuracy of those gear differs.

WinDirStat indicates the Windows folder of this working device force as containing 330,988 documents for a complete folder length of 38.3 GB.If we evaluate this to the dimensions metrics said with the aid of using Windows, we are able to see that they match.

However, WizTree reviews that this identical Windows folder includes 324,762 for a complete length of 35.3 GB. In this instance, WizTree is not “seeing” heaps of documents found in this folder – despite the fact that they simply exist, as said with the aid of using each Windows and WinDirStat.

Although WizTree always produced accurate effects for easy record device structures, we located many different examples of inaccuracies.

Security And Trust

WinDirstat is advanced and posted by GNU GPL Software, running absolutely inside throughout World, when you consider that its inception in 2003. The WinDirStat product installer incorporates an prolonged validation certificate, making it smooth to confirm its origin.

Each WinDirStat launch undergoes vast checking out for conformance to first-rate software program improvement safety practices and is usually verifiably freed from malware. Our builders have interaction in non-stop tracking of rising safety vulnerabilities.

WinDirStat Software helps over 60,000 users and loads of heaps of product installations worldwide.


After all the Discussion and comparison we conclude that WinDirStat is one of the Best software for cleaning large files from the PC with the comparison of WizTree.

WinDirStat have easy interface to use also WinDirStat is easy to understand as comparison to WizTree. And WinDirStat has more users than WizTree. And it takes very low operating time than WizTree.

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